Friday, January 13, 2017

Punisher : World Warzone

Download standard version here.

Download widescreen 720P version here.

                        ~Alpha 1H~
                           Update notes 2/24/2018

A            ~Update Alpha 1H~

Added/Removed :

Added the character Poacher Joe.
Added Boston Aquarium, Amazon & Portentous_Bridge stages.
Removed some stages till I can work on the interactive code again.

Characters updated :

Cody = Added special attack called Heroic Upper. (D, B, kick)
Cody = Added hyper attack called Scrapper Charge.  (Hold Back, F, two kicks).
Cody = Speed up the Rock toss special.
Cody = Improved AI
Cody = Fixed wrong code preventing cody from holding forward and attacking with strong punch.

Punisher = Added hyper called Warpath. (D, B, two punchs) 
Punisher = Added hyper attack called Sniper. (D, B, two kicks). To fire the gun hit weak punch. 
Punisher = Horozontal Rifle Shot bullet moves faster & do more damage.
Punisher = Rifle Hyper bullets move faster.
Punisher = Improved AI
Punisher = Fixed hitoverides problem on some moves.

Blaze = Added hyper named Blazing Embukyaku. (D, F, two kicks)
Blaze = Punisher = Improved AI 
Blaze = Fixed HitOveride problem on some moves.

Blob = Fixed hit overide on Pyro & rocks.
Blob = Fixed facing issue on hyper.

Interactive Stuff :

Knife = Should now only hit one target even if both players try to pick it up.
Knife = Fixed hitoveride.
Factory = Fixed spawning issue with the last barrel on the right.